The Team

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David Thomas is the Founder and Technical Director at Hoxy Tronic Ltd. His background is technical even when a boy having tuned motorcycles that his Dad raced in South Africa. From Engineering Technikon to joining IBM SA as an computer engineer in the late 70’s until the early 90’s he gained wide experience in varied technical fields. He has designed and built an alternate fuel system for a test vehicle, a number of prototype electrolysers and has a patent on electronic electrolyser control. One of his prototypes was utilized in the proof of concept testing of the breakthrough UEEE technology.

Recently he has undertaken three years extensive research into discoveries in molecular biology, the torsion field and structured water/liquids, and how these are linked to the reduction of the oxygen-hydrogen bond strength within the water molecule, as well as other altered properties of structured liquids which can benefit mankind and the planet. His ability to recognize where breakthroughs in one field of science can affect another field of science has led to R&D of this technology.  This has led to patents in the pipeline for zero carbon within large carbon emitting industries including steel, cement, chlor-alkali, ammonia and transport industries. As he says, to be able to connect the dots, you need to research what each particular dot means.

Dave spends time listening to live jazz, watching rugby and still plays hockey on weekends, but his team-mates think it’s about time he gave up.


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Mike Blenkinsop, Chairman, DipNED, MBA (INSEAD), BSc Chem Eng (Hons), FEANI: Track record of entrepreneurial and commercial succes at Board level in the automotive or logistics sector, preferably achieved by steeering a young company and scaling it to a fast growth phase;

21 years at board level; 9 Olaer; 4 CSA; 5 Schaeffler/INA; 3 Rockwell.

35 years in international industrial businesses covering 10 years Oil & Gas (Schlumberger), 15 years Automotive (Grace/Teroson, Rockwell, Schaeffler/INA, Cooper-Standard), and 10 years Hydraulics (Olaer) in a variety of commercial, technical, operations and general management executive positions. Now involved in 4 companies as a Non-Executive, 3 SMEs. At Olaer as CEO developed 6 new technology patents.



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Dr. Steve Tomlinson is a Senior Technical Consultant at AKKA Aeroconseil and Managing director of his own consultancy company S. P. Tomlinson Technical Consulting Ltd. Steve is an Internationally recognised authority in Computer Modelling in the Aerospace, Land Vehicle and Sea System fields. He is a specialist in Computer Modelling of Fuel & Thermo-fluid systems, Dynamic Vehicle systems, Control and Electrical systems & Fluid Power systems (Hydraulics & Pneumatics). He was made a QinetiQ Fellow in 2000 and was awarded SAE Wright Brothers medal (Fuel systems research) in 2011 (Steve is on the left in the picture). His current interests include Renewable Energy concepts, Electric Land vehicles and all-Electric and Solar Powered aircraft.

Steve is married with a son who is also a top Mathematician and Computer Systems Modeller and IT specialist. Steve’s interests include history, classical and pop music, stamp and coin collecting and contract bridge; in the latter, he is ranked as a Grand Master and he teaches this pastime in English and French.


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Congratulations to Stirling’s company founder, Dr Bob Stirling, on his WEAF Aerospace Ambassador Award nomination in the category of Lifetime Achievement Award. Described as the “Aerospace Oscars”, the WEAF Aerospace Ambassador Awards celebrates achievements in the South West aerospace sector.

Truly deserving of his nomination, Bob’s career started in 1957 when he began an aircraft engineering apprenticeship with A.V. Roe & Co (Avro) in Manchester.  In 1963, he graduated from the University of Salford with a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering and in 1976, after several years in the industry, he completed his PhD in aircraft engineering at the University of Bristol, on flight control and gust alleviation systems.  Bob has over 25 years of experience working in major aerospace companies in the UK, Canada and the USA, including (using present-day company names) BAE Systems, Bombardier, Boeing, and Airbus, and has held academic positions as Lecturer and Research Fellow in the University of Bristol Department of Aerospace Engineering.  His aircraft engineering background is primarily in analysis, modelling and simulation of flight control systems and actuation systems, specialising in integrated aeroservoelastic analysis for commercial and military aircraft.

Bob Stirling founded Stirling Dynamics in 1987 and the company went on to become a highly successful SME with tremendous growth, reaching £10 million turnover last year before the company was acquired by Assystem Technologies UK earlier this year. Stirling is proud that Bob has been recognised for his great contribution to the aerospace industry.