Zero emissions hydrogen combustion technology

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Our R&D collaborations have led to an enormous breakthrough in hydrogen production by electrolysis of water.

This disruptive technology produces hydrogen and oxygen for 116 times less energy than conventional electrolysis.

Hoxytronic designed and built the prototype that proof tested this technology.

Hoxytronic is developing applications for this hydrogen technology - in the pipeline is a zero carbon internal combustion engine design with 67% thermal efficiency.

3rd part research and computational modelling has already shown 67% thermal efficiency and the third party live bench test showed a 29% increase in thermal efficiency.

Hoxytronic owns the IP to an alternative design (using elements from the above research) which has promise to reach over 70% thermal efficiency with zero carbon emissions.

The importance of this potential breakthrough is that the capital cost per kiloWatt of a large engine will be reduced.

As an example: A Jenbacher gas engine is 44% thermally efficient. With our technology that could increase to 67%.

67/44 = 52% improvement.

The capital cost plus a relatively small retrofit cost will amount to approximately 50% reduction in capex cost per kiloWatt

What does that mean in real money?

A feasibility study on ultra- energy efficient electrolyser (UEEE) technology running on a standard gas internal combustion engine will have electricity production costs of £14/MWh.

The big six energy companies in the UK average electricity generation costs of £57/MWh.

Hoxytronic IP retrofitted onto that gas internal combustion engine will further reduce the electricity production costs to £9/MWh.